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What is This?
Just listing a few sites as a way to show support. Or maybe because I think these sites are neat, I wanted to put them somewhere in a place.

I didn't put everything here — So consider checking out the rest of our Neocities followers!
Other Cool Sites & HyperLinks
Educational Content

Zoology 101 : This is a series featuring a protogen that explains Zoology for beginners.

Lissa Explains All : Here’s an old 90s site that’s still running well. If you want to learn HTML (the programming language used to make a webpage/website) and some of its basics, try this!

AntsCanada: All you need to know about raising ants!

Planet Science : Here, you get to know all about space and planets.

MRE Info : All about U.S. military operational rations. : Library consisting of millions of free books, movies, software, as well as a "time-machine" that you can use to see archives of websites back in 1996-present.

We have a few other random educational links you can see in our articles page listed in the right column.
Neat Webmarks
Hyperlinks with more entertainment related content.

Spy VS Spy HQ : An unofficial site of a political cartoon featuring two black and white spies.

Cameron’s World : This is a webpage all consisting of literally only GIFS from Geocitites : A repository archive for old Geocities webpages made by people in the 90s - 2000s.

Geocities Gallery : Another repository archive for old Geocities webpages made by people in the 90s - 2000s.

Roly Polys World : Archive website of a partially lost Osamu Sato video game.

Atom Smasher : Site where you get to generate fake funny graphics and more
Tools I Use

FireAlpaca : My primary digital painting/graphics software

W3Schools : I'm sure almost every web programmer knows this but if you have no idea how to start a webpage you can also use this free tutorial!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gifcities : This is where I steal graphics (not fully public domain probably)

Brackets : This is usually where I use a test preview for my layouts and coding

Everything else I use are softwares that are automatically downloaded in my laptop, but I don't really use them. (I use the stuff listed above more)