NAME: CyberDag (Cyber)

AGE: Likely young

ABOUT: Cyber is Doctor Mardon's nurse. When Doctor Mardon requires assitance, CyberDag is here to help! (ocassionally...)

APPEARANCE: CyberDag is a 5 foot tall humanoid of unknown descent. Their uniform consists of a bright blue hat with fluffy vertical rainbow "dog ears” and a white mask printed with a picture of a similiar to the nose of a dog, and a pair of furry white gloves sewn with pink “paw pads” on its palms, mimicking the appearance of a canine. Cyber also wears a pair of sunglasses. Their informal outfit is a white button-front shirt for upper body, and dark blue culottes for trousers. As for their formal outfit they use a winter jacket outwear, or a white lab coat. They use pink slippers for footwear.

PERSONALITY: Cyber is flamboyant and enthusiastic, however is often inattentive and divert, sometimes not taking things seriously. Making them seem clumsy when seen by one. But either way, they can still be helpful.