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I finally get to write my first article. Yay! In this article we are going to learn about the Frangipani tree, they are most commonly planted in Asia. What are they?

The Frangipani tree is a group of plants in the genus Plumeria. The shape consists of a small tree with sparse but thick leaves. The flowers have very distinctive fragrant, with white to purplish red crown, usually five strands. The root type is fibrous and the flower texture is not too rough and not too smooth. The picture shown below the frangipani flower we have planted in our house, we have one near our pool and a few on our front yard. And It smells very nice, indeed.

This plant originates from Central America. The name Plumeria was given in honour of a French botanist, Charles Plumier (1646-1706).

Even though Central America and Southeast Asia are continents that are far from eachother, the Frangipani is now a very popular tree on the island of Bali because it is planted in almost every temple and corner of the village, and has an important function in local culture. In several places in the archipelago, including Malaya, frangipani is planted in cemeteries as a shade plant and a place marker. The frangipani can be propagated easily, through stem cuttings.

Types of Frangipani flowers:
Frangipani flowers have various types, including Plumeria Bali-Whirl. This frangipani flower has stacked crowns, while the way to reproduce and preserve is by tapping it.

There is also Plumeria Alba, this deciduous shrub has narrow elongated leaves, large and strongly perfumed white flowers with a yellow center.

The third is Plumeria rubra, the red one, the smell of the flowers is fragrant and can be used as a remedy for gonorrhea, swelling and ulcers. Frangipani flowers of this type are often used for religious ceremonies by the Balinese.

Next is a yellow Plumeria, although it has a pleasant smell and fragrance, the sap contains toxins that can cause itching.

There is also the poisonous Adenium obesum, often called Japanese frangipani flower. Although this flower does not come from the land of cherry blossoms, but it is native to African continent, to be precise Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. This plant is also known as “The Rose of the Desert” because it is able to survive and grow in the desert.

What are uses for the frangipani trees?
Frangipani flowers have a number of compounds that includes medicinal properties, namely lupeol and fulvoplumierin. These substances are used to reduce fever, overcome inflammation, and relieve pain. Frangipani flowers are useful for reducing menstrual pain and preventing fainting due to hot air or exposure to sunlight such as experiencing heat strokes.

Frangipani flowers can also be used to make various kinds of snacks. For example, the floral tempura.

Thanks for reading this article! I hope you’ve learned something about these plants. I apologize if any mistakes are added.