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Here are my articles I've shared relating to biology. All biological topics go here, including zoology, botany, microbiology, and many more!

  • Tardigrades Survival Skills: Tardigrades are miniscule animals known for surviving extreme conditions that even a human cannot go through, how do they do this?
  • Extinct Animals Of The 20th Century: This article showcases species of animals that have vanished in the 20th century, as well as information on how to conserve current endangered animals.
  • Flatworms: Want to learn about worms? Here you can learn about one of the species of their phylums.
  • Are Mosquitoes Pointless?: In this article you’ll know a few reasons relating to the benefits of the dangerously annoying blood-sucking insect known as a mosquito towards the environment.
  • Frangipani Tree: A type of plant that is commonly planted all over Asia! Including where I live. In this article you'll know their types, uses, and other facts.

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