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Welcome to SunnyFormula, a bright and personal educational site for all to enjoy. Our primary focus of this site is to create, share, and write short articles that revolve informational topics, like biology, history, or more. Here in SunnyFormula we love to spread knowledge and happiness, and we all hope from the articles you read here is helpful and can be beneficial for you.

Suggestions about future articles with educational topics are very much welcome, simply leave a message with our available contact.

My name is Fhadeea A. (Fhad), and I live in Indonesia, native to the Java Islands. I am the manager of this webspace, ever since I was young I have aspired to teach people new things. And I always had an interest in biology and history, so perhaps that's the reason I made this website. Most have known me as some sort of clumsy designer, a writer, an aspiring filmmaker and teacher.

You can sight me at my YOUTUBE and BLOG
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