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In case someone needs information, and is to afraid to ask the webmaster, I'll list them here so I wouldn't have to give out the same answer repeatedly.

Q: What is this?
A: A website, my project, some fun educational page, whatever you think it is!

Q: What even is this for?
A: I just wanted to share topics that I find informational for others, because why not? I'm fond of teaching what others might not know, and this is the easiest method I could share them.

Q: Do you own every graphics on this site?
A: Not all. Plenty do belong to me, I made some of them. But everything else is taken from old archives or graphics sites. If you have found your graphics that belong to you here and want them taken down, feel free to contact me.

Q: Can you make a webpage for me?
A: Unfortunately, I cannot. I'm still a novice at programming, but I can teach a small amount of beginning web design. If you want to get into programming at web design, try checking out HTML tutorials. It requires plenty of knowledge, but I'm sure you'll get used and will find programming simple!

Q: Are you making any money off of this site?
A: Nope. I'm not affiliated with any business either, there's only one person managing this site and that's me.

Q: Then what are those ads at the bottom?
A: Those are fake advertisements! They're GIFS, so they're not real, and the source code shows evidence.

Q: Why is the website so bright?
A: It's meant to imitate badly designed old web kids site I've discovered, they're all bright and colourful so I just splashed a bunch of bright colours into it. And also because I just fancy saturated colours, and I am slightly irritated by the modern days where some companies advertise with simple, plain, minimalist drag-and-drop websites. - Don't like it? My best advice is to turn your brightness down.

Q: Does the sun actually have a formula?
1.Unfortunately I do not know, I'm not a math person.
2.I found two resources on the internet for your question:

Well that's all folks, if you have any other questions and queries feel free to contact me.
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