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Pieces not made by me belong to their respective owners, I do not claim to own all assets belonging to this site. If you see content belonging to you here or if you quickly recognise whose assets these belong to contact me for removal.

NOTE: If you're going to notify me which assets belongs to who in my Neocities profile, use COMMENT in my profile, NOT REPLYING TO A THREAD. Your comment will be notified through my email and It will possibly be credited faster.

  • Web Design/Coding: Some taken from old sites in Wayback Machine, then majorly modified by me.
  • Background: (Unknown Artist)
  • World Wide Web Stamp: (Unknown Artist)
  • Yahoo! Geocities Banner: Geocities - Taken from Gifcities.
  • Pink Neocities Button: (Unknown Artist)

  • Background: Joy Carpets.com
  • TD Background: Mommy9876 Geocities
  • Compass: Bpages - Taken from Gifcities.

  • ABOUT:
  • Background: Joy Carpets.com
  • Previous Button: (Unknown Artist) - Taken from Gifcities.
  • Blinkies: All taken from Blinki.es except for this using a blinkie generator.
  • Rainbow Background: (Unknown Artist)