SunnyFormula is a bright and personal site created by Fhadeea A. to perform all sorts of things. This site was fully made using her amateur, novice programming skills. This site was started as a blogsite, posting ramblings and whatnot. Now, the primary focus of this site is to create and write articles that revolve around educational topics. Here in SunnyFormula we love to spread knowledge and happiness, and hope from the articles you read here is helpful.

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ANYHOW, thank you for reading!


Peace be upon you, fellow visitor!!! My name is Fhadeea A. but you can call me Fhad. I'm just a young demoiselle that travels across the web. I like bright colours, retro themes, and vintage styles.

Let's start from my occupation - I'm primarily interested in some fields of biology and also history, mostly Victorian times or the Napoleonic era. I aspire to become an educator that teaches some parts of those subjects - even if I find them difficult to study, I won't give up on learning them! I'm also an artist, amateur coder, and writer, but that's a minor part - I'm not really interested into becoming an artist, coder, or a writer as a career, I just draw graphic designs and edit surreal visuals, as well as writing tales and more.

I am an ambivert, my personal life revolves around travelling around towns and going through stores and attractions, or chatting with close friends and family. I'm a native Indonesian, where sits the land with a thousand islands, I sit in the Java Islands! I am very interested in various Indonesian cultures.

As for my personality, well, I'm not sure how to describe that. Some say, I'm slightly withdrawn and lukewarm when it comes to meeting newer friends, but that's because I try to keep my awkward intrusive ramblings to myself. I can be profoundly enthusiastic when we have the same interests. I'm often more social towards closer friends or family.

Thanks for reading!